Explosive Certification
Explosive Certification

Vehicle Search (exterior)

  • 6 vehicles, 2 blank 12 min. (4 hides)

Building Search

  • 4 rooms, one blank 12 min. (3 hides)
  • Each room will be approximately 200 400 Square ft.

Exterior Buildings

  • 1 hide 8 min.
  • Approximately 150 linear ft.

Parcels, Luggage, Lockers

  • 2 hides 5 min. (10) (10) (20-30)

10 finds total.

One miss allowed for certification. 90 %

Total of four different distractions; one in each area of deployment

Examples of distractions, (food, animal odors, clean packaging materials, pungent but notharmful chemicals, clean reward toys, etc.)

Basic odors will be:

  1. RDX (C-4, flex-ex, semtex, etc.)
  2. PETN (det-cord, primer cord etc.)
  3. TNT
  4. POWDERS (black or smokeless, potassium nitrate)
  5. WATER GEL (slurries, ammonium nitrate based)

At least one find from each category of explosive.

Minimum amount of explosive material – 15 grams. Maximum 1 pound.

All finds will be planted a minimum of 30 minutes prior to testing.

Indications must be obvious to the certifying officials and called by the handler.

Search areas may be added to accommodate testing of additional odors

Test will be judged pass/fail.

If the K-9 Team Fails the Test,

  • The team must wait 24 hrs. before attempting the re-test.

Agency requesting certification should supply explosives or make arrangements with certifying officials for certification

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