This association shall be known as the Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association Incorporated. For the purposes of this document listed as FLECA.


  1. To unite in a common cause all law enforcement agencies utilizing the services of the canine as a police tool.
  2. To promote professionalism, friendship and brotherhood between all those interested in the training and use of the canine in police work.
  3. To endeavor to establish a general performance standard, and improve the abilities of the canine in police work, thereby rendering a better service to the community.
  4. To coordinate the exchange of any techniques of training or for utilization of police dogs.
  5. To improve the image of the working police dog to the populace in general through improved public services in the prevention and detection of crimes.
  6. To aid and assist those law enforcement agencies making application for information concerning the establishment of canine selections within their respective governmental agencies.
  7. To have a skilled body available and open for consultation by any governmental agency.
  8. To pass proposals, resolutions, amendments, etc., submitted by an executive board, for the good of the Association.
  9. To coordinate the plans for and the execution of seminars and police canine certifications.



Regular membership to this Association shall be open to any active full time paid law enforcement officer, Federal, State, County or Municipal, who is a canine handler, trainer or administrator. This shall include members of the Military Police who may be canine handlers, trainers or administrators.

  1. A regular member of this Association who is a retired Certified Law Enforcement canine Officer, or no longer is a canine handler, trainer or administrator, shall retain the benefits of the Association with the exception of holding office.
  2. FLECA recognized trainers who no longer have a canine assignment, but who otherwise qualify as a regular member. They may retain their regular membership and trainer status by current/active participation.


An associate membership may be held in the Association under the following

  1. A person who trains canines for an established law enforcement agency.
  2. 2. Associate membership must have the approval of the Executive Board.
  3. 3. Associate members shall not have voting privileges and cannot hold office.
  4. 4. Any associate member approved to be a FLECA trainer shall become a regular member.

SECTION 3 – Corporate Membership

The Application must be reviewed by the Standards and Training Committee and approved by the Executive Board. Corporate Membership may be conferred on any company who employees full-time canine handlers and is licensed by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), or any approved Federal/State agency. Corporate Members are not entitled to vote or hold office in the Association.


Honorary membership to this Association shall be open to any person who may have rendered a valuable service to the Association, its members, or other law enforcement agency.

  1. Any regular member may submit a person for honorary membership and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
  2. An honorary member shall not be liable for dues or assessments. They may attend regular meetings and may be heard at the discretion of the President. They may not vote or have any privileges that pertain to regular membership of the Association.


Any member (regular, associate, or honorary) may be dropped from the Association for non-payment of dues, upon final conviction of any criminal charge, for any acts that might bring discredit to the association, or if found to be using the Association or its name for personal profit or gain. Upon notification in writing by at least two regular members in good standing of any of these circumstances, an investigation by, and a majority vote of, the Executive Board will be required for any discipline sanctions.


No member or members of this association shall present himself as a representative of this association without prior approval of the Executive Board (i.e., giving speeches, demonstrations or dissemination of written material). Violators shall receive disciplinary action by the Executive Board.



All applications for membership and annual renewals shall be in writing upon forms furnished for that purpose, and signed by the applicant and accompanied by any prescribed fee.

SECTION 2 – Membership Fees

Membership Fees shall be payable and submitted in full on application or renewal.

Regular Membership           $35.00 yearly
Associate Membership       $35.00 yearly
Corporate Membership      $250.00 yearly
Corporate Individual Fee    $50.00 yearly

Once a Corporation has paid their yearly fees, each individual with the corporation wishing to be a member must pay the corporate individual fee, allowing the individual to certify with a canine.


Yearly dues shall be due one (1) year from the date of membership, and any member who has not paid their dues by their yearly anniversary date will be given a thirty (30) day grace period. After that period, if the dues are not paid, the member will not be considered in good standing.


Certification Fees Regular and Associate Members:  $20.00 (For each certification per team)

Any members outside the State of Florida requesting a FLECA Certification will pay any and all expenses related to travel for Certifying Officials.

Certification Fees Corporate Member: $20.00 (for each certification per team)

In addition to the certification fee, any Corporation that wishes to have their canines certify must pay for any and all travel expenses for Certifying Officials including: Airfare, car rental, hotel, per dium, and fees.

Handlers employed by a corporation can only attempt certification if their employer is a current corporate member in good standing with the Association.



  1. The president shall be known as the President and shall be the chief Executive Officer of this Association.
  2. He shall preside at all regular and special meetings and enforce a due observance of the laws of the Association. He shall appoint a Chairperson to all Committees.
  3. He shall decide all questions of order without debate, subject to appeal of the Association.
  4. He shall see that the bylaws, rules and regulations are respected and obeyed.
  5. He shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.
  6. He shall familiarize himself with the bylaws, rules and regulations of the Association so as to enable him to decide all questions promptly and impartially.
  7. He shall have the power to appoint committees and be a member of said committees ex-officio.
  8. He shall, by his signature, authenticate all official documents that are authorized by the Association.
  9. He shall appoint officers from the board of Representatives pro-tempore in the event of absences. He shall perform other duties as are usually incidental to the office of President.


  1. The Vice President will actively assist and support the President in his duties.
  2. In case of the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume all the duties and responsibilities of that office.
  3. He shall oversee all financial matters pertaining to the Association and review all financial records on an annual basis. At the first General Membership Meeting of the year, the Vice President, Treasurer and one (1) Representative as appointed by the President shall perform a financial review.
  4. In the event of resignation, death or any other reasons not covered by any other sections, the Vice President shall assume the position of President for the remainder of the term.


  1. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep accurate record of the minutes of meetings of the Executive Board and general membership meetings.
  2. He shall give written notice to all members of their appointment on a committee.
  3. He shall notify all members of the Executive Board and general membership of all regular and special meetings.
  4. He shall conduct all correspondence of the Executive Board.
  5. He shall keep a register in which will be entered the name and date of admission of all members, and any additional records, documents of forms designated by the Executive Board.|
  6. He shall keep a record of all certification forms and shall issue certificates for passing. The Secretary of the Association shall be responsible for keeping the records of those dogs that have been certified by the FLECA Trainers. The Secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining statistics on the number of dogs passing and failing certification.


  1. The Treasurer shall keep the Association accounts on books provided for that purpose.
  2. He shall pay all proper orders drawn on him by the President, attested by, from the Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association Fund.
  3. He shall, at all regular meetings, present a detailed report of all moneys received and dispersed, with a general explanation of the financial condition to the Executive Board. His books shall at all times be open to inspection.
  4. He shall submit a rendering of the accounts at the first Executive Board meeting of the year.
  5. In case of his resignation retirement or removal, all moneys, books, papers, records, etc., in his possession belonging to the Association, shall be turned over to the Vice President of the Board. The Vice President, incoming Treasurer and 1 Representative as appointed by the President shall perform a financial review and will report their finding to the Executive Board.

SECTION 5 – Representatives

Representatives shall be elected from the regular membership.

  1. There shall be one (1) Representative for each county. County’s with more than 30 members can have a second Representative as long as the Representatives are from different agencies.
  2. Representatives shall serve as a point of contact for members within their respective county.
  3. Representatives shall assume executive positions pro-tempore in the event of absences when directed by the President.


The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary,

Treasurer, and Agency Representatives.

  1. Executive Board meetings shall consist of a quorum of at least fifty percent (50%) of the Executive Board members. In the event a board member is unable to attend a meeting, his vote may be accepted on specified business via a typed and signed ballot. Absentee ballots shall only be accepted at board meetings having a quorum.


FLECA Executive Board Members must maintain current/active participation as


  1. Must be a regular member in good standing with the FLECA.
  2. Attend at least three Executive Board meetings per calendar year.

Failure to comply shall be cause for review and possible removal from office.



Any amendment, addition or deletions to the bylaws may be submitted to the Executive Board provided it is in writing and signed by at least two (2) members in good standing.

Such proposals shall be sent to the Executive Board and a majority vote of the attending membership will be necessary for the final adoption.


Such proposals for amendments, additions or deletions shall be forwarded to the

Secretary for the Executive Board and presented at a regular meeting.


Only regular members of this Association shall be eligible to vote on policy-making rules of this association.


All disputes regarding these Bylaws shall be settled by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


Regardless, if any amendment, addition or deletion is passed unanimously it shall be null and void if it is a direct conflict with the articles of incorporation.



All candidates for Office shall be nominated at the yearly General Membership Meeting.

  1. The candidates for President and Secretary will be elected during even years. Their term of office will be two (2) years.
  2. The candidates for Vice President and Treasurer will be elected during odd years. Their term of office will be two (2) years.
  3. Agency Representatives will be elected yearly. Their term of office will be one (1) year.


Elections will be conducted by mail and Officers will be installed the 1st day January following the election.

  1. It will be the responsibility of the member that has been nominated, to supply the current Secretary with their written desire for the position they have been nominated for within two (2) weeks after the nomination.
  2. The Secretary will compile an appropriate ballot to be mailed to every regular and associate member.
  3. The member will send the ballot back to the Secretary and will use a special return envelope or fold over ballot that is marked OFFICIAL BALLOT. Only ballots received in the special envelope (or a mail back letter) will be counted.
  4. The Secretary will mail official ballots and or envelopes out no later than October 30th. Ballots must be returned back to the Secretary postmarked no later than December 1st.
  5. The Secretary will bring all official envelopes, unopened, to the December meeting.
  6. The current President will appoint a committee of two (2) members, committee members will not be involved in the current election, and the committee will open the envelopes and count the ballots and attest to the correct totals.
  7. A write in candidate space will be provided on the mail in ballots.


Voting for all offices will be from regular members in good standing.


Only regular members of the Association shall be eligible to vote for elective offices on the Executive Board.


Recall election. Any elected officer of the Executive Board may be recalled or replaced for non-feasance, misfeasance or malfeasance, or who is no longer in good standing should the Executive Board, by a two-thirds vote, so decide.


Vacancies that occur in the office of the Executive Board through resignation, death or other reason not covered by the preceding section (recall election) shall be filled by the Executive Board and shall be selected by the President.


An agency may have no more than 5 members (3 Agency Representatives and 2 Officers) serving on the Executive Board at one time.

Nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer may come from any Regular member.

Those members of the Executive Board, while during their term of office no longer would qualify as a regular member because of reassignment, promotion, advancement, or other non-disciplinary reason, that Executive Board Member may serve out his current term, but may not be re-elected unless he again becomes eligible for regular membership.



Any officer may be removed for any violation of the provisions of the by-laws or for any personal conduct that may bring discredit upon the Association.

  1. Charges for the impeachment of any officer may be initiated by any two-(2) members in good standing or a complaint committee appointed by the President and shall be presented in writing before the membership at a regular meeting for final action.
  2. The accused officer will be given a copy of the charges against them and notified of the meeting at which their trial will be held not less than (10) days prior to the meeting.
  3. The accused shall be given the right to present evidence in their behalf at this meeting.
  4. Upon the order of 2/3 of the members present at the regular meeting hearing, the accused shall be removed from the office and never again hold any office in the Association.
  5. The same evidence may be used later for suspension or revocation of membership.



The President shall call at least two (2) regular meetings of the Executive Board, and (1) annual general membership meetings during the calendar year.

  1. The President shall set dates for such meetings with the approval of a majority of the Executive Board.
  2. A quorum shall consist of at least eight Committee members for regular meetings, and at least six (6) for a special meeting.


Meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary law, Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, shall be the guide for conducting all meetings.

  1. Any member desiring the privilege of the floor shall arise and address the chair.
  2. No member shall be allowed to speak until properly recognized by the chair.
  3. No question can come before the meeting unless properly moved and recorded and declared upon for discussion by the chair.
  4. Any member may call for ayes and nayes on any question, which each member present required to answer to their full name on the roll, unless excused by the chair.
  5. No member shall leave the room during a meeting, unless permission is given that member by the chair.
  6. A motion to reconsider must come from a member who votes with the majority when the motion to consider was taken.
  7. When any member raises a point of order, the person having the floor shall take their seat until the chair decides the point, if proper, they may resume their remarks.
  8. No subject laid on the table shall be taken up again during the same meeting unless it was so understood when disposed of.
  9. Any member may appeal to the Company from the decision of the chair when the question shall be stated thus; “Shall the decision of the Chair be sustained?” It shall be decided by two-thirds (2/3) vote of votes cast.


The order of Business of this Association for all meetings shall be as follows:

  1. Calling the meeting to order
  2. Roll call of Officers
  3. Reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting
  4. Report of Treasurer
  5. Report of Committees
  6. Report of Officers
  7. Unfinished business
  8. New business
  9. Good of the Association
  10. Adjournment



The purpose of having FLECA sponsored events is to provide an opportunity for handlers to work their canines through various controlled training exercises.


A FLECA sponsored event shall be defined as any seminar, certification or other activity sponsored by FLECA. The duration of the event shall include all scheduled event dates inclusive.


No civilians shall participate in a FLECA sponsored event unless approved by the Executive Board.


To be able to participate in a FLECA sponsored event all handlers and their canines must:

  1. Be at the event with the full knowledge and with the written approval of their department.
  2. Upon arrival at a training site, all handlers will notify the trainers in charge of any training and/or behavioral problems that their canine may have.
  3. The handlers and their departments will be responsible for any damage and/or injury during the event.


If an incident occurs resulting in injury and/or damage, all parties involved (ie. trainers, and handlers), will be asked to submit a written report detailing the incident. All reports will be submitted to a FLECA Executive board member prior to the end of the event. All reports will be retained by the FLECA.

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