Narcotics Certification
Narcotics Certification

Vehicle Search (exterior)

  • 5 vehicles, 2 blank, 3 hides (8min)

Building Search

  • 4 rooms
  • One blank 12 min. (three hides)
  • Rooms will be approximately 200 400 Square ft.

Parcels, Luggage

  • Lockers 2 hides 5 min. (10) (10) (20-30)

8 hides total

Two misses allowed for certification. 75%

Total of three different distractions throughout the certification. One in each area of deployment.

Examples of distractions, (food, animal odors, clean packaging materials, pungent but not harmful chemicals, clean reward toys, etc.

Basic odors for certification are marijuana, heroin and cocaine. A minimum of 2 hides per odor will be utilized.

Other than the basic odors, different odors may be incorporated into the basic test.

All substance must be planted 30 min. prior to testing.

The minimal amount of narcotic material will be 8grams- maximum-28grams

Search areas may be added to accommodate testing of additional odors.

If the K-9 Team Fails the Test

  • The team must wait 24 hrs. before attempting the re-test.

Test will be judged pass/fail.

Agency requesting certification, should supply narcotics or make arrangements with the certifying officials for certification.

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