Deputy Weissman and K-9 Astor Apprehension

On 12/12/10 at approximately 0100 Deputy Weissman and K-9 Astor of the Seminole County Sheriffs Office, responded to 2801 W SR 426, Oviedo, Florida to assist East Region units with a burglary in progress.  Deputy Weissman deployed K-9 Astor for an area search from the downwind side of the location.  While area searching, K-9 Astor acquired a track and began tracking the suspect to an adjacent fence.  Once at the fence, K-9 Astor attempted to scale it.  With the assistance of Deputy Weissman, the team scaled the fence and continued to pursue the suspect.  K-9 Astor located the suspect near an embankment, where he apprehended the suspect.  The suspect began to punch K-9 Astor.  The suspect, K-9 Astor and Deputy Weissman slid down the embankment where the struggle continued. After several orders to stop fighting the dog, the suspect complied and was taken into custody.  Great work Deputy Weissman and K-9 Astor!

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